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three things to know:


Updated January 21, 2019


Discount Rx cards -- are they created equal? Heck NO!
Learn more here. Bottom line, GoodRx is the best one I've found for most medications at most pharmacies. But it pays to look up all your meds and go to more than one pharmacy to get the best deals. Sometimes, it's even cheaper than paying your co-pays with insurance. I found that out while working for UnitedHealthcare and having their crappy employee health insurance plan.

Subscription Savings Clubs? Like Kroger. These can save some people money. But if you just have a few medications, it may be cheaper to use a discount card rather than pay for an annual membership that only saves $3 to $10 on many common prescriptions each month. 



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Why did I create this website?
A few years ago, my health plan at Ohio State University increased the cost of many Rx co-pays by nearly 400%.  The only way I could afford this was to utilize the many incentives offered by retail pharmacies in my town of Columbus, Ohio.  Moving your prescription to some pharmacies could earn you something worth $10 to $30 -- free groceries, free/discounted gas, or gift cards ... often for EACH prescription you bring them. Usually it's just for TRANSFERRED prescriptions. Sometimes they'll even reward NEW prescriptions. 


The three links above, an overview:


  • RxCoupons: This blog tells you where to find Rx coupons. My Twitter account @RxCoupons shares this also. You can go directly there at or too.

  • Rx Ping-Pong: Moving your prescriptions every month between those retail pharmacies that have the best policies about accepting their own Rx coupons (and those of competitors) is a way to maximize your savings. But there are risks and other things to know and consider.

  • Best and Worst Places to use Rx coupons: At the last link above, you'll find my list of where I've learned are the Best and Worst to take Rx coupons (at least here in Columbus, Ohio; especially in the northwest areas -- Upper Arlington, Hilliard, Dublin, and Worthington).  Some are great at taking competitor coupons in addition to their own.  Some aren't even good about taking their own and may have limits -- per day, per month, per year ... even per lifetime (yes, Kroger). 


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